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16 June 2020

Renovating to sell

With Barry Du Bois

Designer and Building Expert

If you are thinking about using this time to build value into your home to eventually sell, reno-guru Barry has some helpful tips.

Barry Du Bois

Designer and Building Expert

Barry Du Bois has designed and built more than a few homes. He has also built a successful TV career as one of the lead presenters on TEN’s, Logie Award-winning ‘The Living Room’. In his spare time, he works tirelessly for many charities and graces the boards of R U OK? and Hummingbird House Foundation. Considering that Barry juggles all this and family life, whilst suffering plasmacytoma, a cancer of the immune system, it’s little wonder that he’s also built some financial know how over the years. Enough in fact for his friends to see him as their go-to finance bloke.