Life talk

16 June 2020

The side hustle

Entrepreneur Sarah Jane Adams waxes lyrical about the benefits of a side hustle when your main source of income isn’t pulling its weight, including what she learned along the way.

Sarah Jane Adams


Antique Jewellery designer Sarah Jane Adams is no follower of fashion. A proud icon of individualism and ageing fabulously, she has always carved her own path. Naming “aloneness, singularity, irreverence and rebellion” as the forces that drive her. As the force behind Saramai Jewels, Sarah Jane pays homage to the master jewellers of centuries past, and their understanding of the meaning of beauty and wearability. Her jewellery is at once classic, whimsical, charming and evocative and springs from her fiercely held belief that you should never seek anyone’s approval but your own.