Getting ahead

16 June 2020

What I’ve learnt about saving and spending

With Flex Mami

DJ and TV Personality

Australian DJ Flex breaks down how her financial personality has shifted for the better in isolation and how she made the change from feel good spender to hoarder and gave her finances a boost.

Flex Mami

DJ and TV Personality

In a nutshell, Lillian Ahenkan, known more popularly as Flex Mami, is a multidisciplinary millennial. Starting out as a DJ in 2015 Lillian quickly moved to presenting and writing for MTV. Online, Flex Mami has established herself as a unique and highly influential trendsetter, model, and more recently, podcaster. Often labelled the internet’s favourite optimist, Flex Mami’s individual style and willingness to talk taboo subjects as freely as lighter stuff, have built her rep as a refreshing counterpoint to the many overly-constructed and staged personalities that pervade the online space.